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With her super-sensitive sense of smell, sixteen-year-old Kaia is used to not fitting in. Add to that the pills she's becoming dependent on, the recent death of both of her parents, and having to live with an aunt with whom she has nothing in common, and Kaia is ready for a change. So when she receives an invitation from Dr. Vadim Grigori to participate in the Grigori Young Scholars Program (GYSP) with its promise that she will meet others like herself, she jumps at the chance. Her leap turns out to be a high-dive into mystery. The faculty of the GYSP exhibits more than an academic interest in the ancient story of the fall of the Watchers from the apocryphal 1 Enoch. Not only are the Grigoris interested in this myth, they're obsessed by an element named in the story: antimony, useful to humans throughout history and now crucial to our everyday existence, but maybe even more vital to the Grigoris. Why are they so interested in it? What lengths will they go to get control of the earth's supply? And what role will GYSP participants like Kaia play in their plans? Antimony means not alone. Togetherness sounds great, but it all depends on whether you join up with the winning side . . .


Amy E. Richter:
The Rev. Amy E. Richter currently serves as an appointed missionary of The Episcopal Church. She is a visiting lecturer in biblical studies at The College of the Transfiguration in Makhanda/Grahamstown, South Africa. She is married to Joseph Pagano.