Reborn To Be A Tough Princess

Reborn To Be A Tough Princess

Volume 7

Yun TianFeiWu


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After years of hellish torture, she finally understood a truth. If you make yourself an ass, if you ride a horse, you may not get what you really mean. The kindly adopted sisters used her as a stepping stone, robbed her fiance, and raided her home.

The man with whom she had her heart set on him had killed her father and brother in order to ascend the throne, and had made her reviled as a usurper. She walked through her own flesh and blood, rose from the ashes, and went back to the past. In this life, she will always be looking forward to seeing more clearly, becoming a persecuting dog as she decides life and death, and protecting her father and brother. Who knows, evil evil king pester endlessly, will her favor in the palm. Who dare to deceive her, one to destroy one, to destroy one pair. rebirth PK through the white lotus flower, see full of hatred if she turned over and decided, who is the real protagonist in this life! Every morning 9:00 on time update, I hope you subscribe more, support legal reading, thanks dear friends support! (づ  ̄  ̄ 3) づ 【 fog fog's book launches the curse the demon princess survival guide "collection, first check!"