Ascending the Light

Ascending the Light

Book Three in the Fostered Love Series.

Kim Draluck


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Book three in the Fostered Love Series follows Evie Adler and Hunter Lane on their continued journey of self-discovery, love, romance, trials, tribulations, and triumphs. In this third, and final book, Evie and Hunter do their best to continue to grow as a couple, while facing daily challenges as they fight to overcome the obstacles put in their way by people determined to undermine them and tear them apart. Through this series, Evie has made her way to the top alongside Hunter. She has stepped over hurdle after hurdle and secured a place for herself in the darkest of industries. What will her future hold? Hunter has been Evie’s protector from the beginning. They continue the fight to overcome. Love and respect from their peers in the entertainment industry continue to grow while they fight battles and vengeful enemies. Be encouraged and hopeful as you join them on the last leg of this exciting and suspense-filled journey. Will their love be able to sustain while they contend against all who stand in their way? Follow them as they do their best to make their way to the end goal, the altar. Will they make it, or will they go their separate ways?


Kim Draluck:
Kim Draluck is also the Author of Darkness into Light, and Transcending Darkness. This is her third and final novel in the Fostered Love series. Kim plans on continuing her writing journey with other titles, and possibly another series.