I Am What God Says I Am

I Am What God Says I Am

Shannon White


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What would happen if we took the kingdom back by force before it got its grip on our young people? Thin about it. Language acquisition begins in the third trimester of the womb. Studies have suggested the same words or sounds heard from the womb are embedded in the memory and activated in the baby's memory when recited again after birth! We sing songs and recite words to our babies in vitro, and early childhood, to teach them our language. Samuel was in the temple from infancy and was well versed in the heavenly kingdom language, Moses was in Pharaoh's household from infancy and was well versed in their Egyptian kingdom language, and many children have affinities to certain songs or words that were shared with them from infancy because it is familiar to them. Can you imagine what could happen if we began teaching our babies to speak our kingdom language for themselves during their first years? I Am What God Says I Am will give you the opportunity to use story times to simultaneously stimulate your child's intellect and spirit using the very word of God! It is the first of several tools to be developed that can grow with your children while reminding them of who they are!


Shannon White:
Shannon is a lover of Jesus, wife, mom of two, licensed professional school counselor for 250 students, youth mentor for 10 years, motivational speaker, and author! Through her time working with youth professionally and personally, Shannon has been able to merge her love of Christ and kids to help parents set their child up for success, both naturally and spiritually, through candid conversations and retaining Scriptures. Children have retained Scriptures within 60 days, uninterested teens began to talk about God and invite others to church within three months, and student reputations have changed within two to four months. However, it all started with a kingdom conversation. Each of Shannon's books are designed to help start godly conversations with your children! So get a book to start your conversation today!