Reborn Princess Hard To Please

Reborn Princess Hard To Please

Volume 3

You XiaoLing


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For Hua Yanqing, who had lost his memory after transmigration and was tricked by the trash of a male into having his braids sticking out, the heavens were definitely playing with her!

However, since he had been reborn, he had to settle the score. It was time for him to take revenge, right?

Trash man and woman, slag father and mother … All sorts of scum, no one can even think of escaping!

But, with just a little carelessness, how did he end up with Third Uncle Ao Jiao, who was rumored to have great ability? You still want to help him settle his life's important matters?

Third Uncle, this is a portrait of my beauty in the entire city. Pick one!

My Uncle: No need. Third Uncle thinks that it's good enough for you, little niece …