Love Storm

Love Storm

The Beginning

Lance Figgins


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Love and Flames Follow the growing romance as Chase extinguishes some fire, follows his heart as he tries to keep the fire in a growing romance with Lilly, and finds the way to a lady's heart through just being there. He fights for the rights of an orphaned child through the courts, all during a courtship and marriage to the only woman he could ever love. Cabana Boy You'll have tears in your eyes and love in your heart as you read this rags-to-riches story in reverse as Blair meets and falls in love with the only thing he can't stand (rich people). See how Sophia tries to hide the fact the she's a multimillionaire. As she falls in love with the cabana boy, she knows she has to tell him the truth. Will this be their undoing? For the Love of a Woman Come along with Joe as he puts all his survival skills and wilderness knowledge to the test as he becomes a one-man rescue team battling the Alaskan wilderness to save his wife, who is trapped in a crashed airplane on the side of a mountain above the timberline. Survival After their near-death experience in Alaska, Joe and Kay take a backpacking trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness area of Northwestern Montana. Come along as they see beautiful scenery and unbelievable wildlife only to end up fighting for their lives. Will Joe's experience and Kay's love for him be enough?