Shenandoah's Redemption

Shenandoah's Redemption

The Reckoning

G.L. Thompson


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The Reckoning, preceded by The Journey, is the second book of a series about the life and adventures of John David Yager, a young man with mixed emotions about the civil war. He became known and revered by the Native Americans as "Shenandoah, the marked warrior." In this volume, he finds a new home, thousands of miles away from his birthplace in Virginia. He meets and marries Lilly, the love of his life. He acquires land and builds a ranch along with his own breed of horses, the Appaloosas. He relies on his Christian upbringing, a learned sense of unwritten justice, and his knowledge of both white and Native American cultures as he builds a life in the untamed west. A near-death experience causes him to conclude that the Great Spirit, or God, may really be watching over him. 10% of the profit from this book will be donated to the St. Jude's children's hospital. I promise.